Cider "PIR" (draft cider)

Brewery "Pankrat"
Combination with food: cheese, seafood, desserts, fruit slices, berries, nuts.
Ingredients: drinking water, white sugar, natural apple juice, citrus flavor, citric acid, yeast.

A series of drinks "PIR" - fermented low—alcohol drinks, without the addition of ethyl rectified alcohol, created on the basis of cider. During fermentation, not only all the useful vitamins from apple juice are preserved, but they are multiplied by fermentation, because during fermentation, microorganisms break down organic compounds, so fermented products are enriched with useful minerals andvitamins, antioxidants and probiotics.

After fermentation, phenolic compounds appear in the resulting finished drink. They have the ability to slow down the aging process of the skin. A good addition to them is vitamin E, which is present in cider. The complexion improves, the hair acquires a natural shine, the bulbs strengthen. This helps to improve growth and reduce hair loss. Moreover, the drink has few calories, which will not adversely affect the figure. Macro- and microelements present in the composition increase the elasticity of vascular walls, prevent the formation of blood clots and plaques. Moderate consumption of apple cider lowers cholesterol levels. Vitamin C contained in cider reduces the level of possible colds and strengthens the immune system. The refreshing taste of cider, flavorings on a natural basis, vitamins, macro- and microelements — make the drink not only useful, but also delicious!

Colour: orange, light yellow, cherry, green

Aroma: apple-citrus, apple-pear, apple-cherry, apple-coconut, apple-mint

Taste: the fresh taste of apples and orange juiciness, ripe pears and sweet and sour apples, the sweetness of cherries with apple sourness, fresh pineapple and sweet coconut, fresh lime with mint freshness

ABV (% alc.): 5,0

Calorific value (per 100 g): 46 kcal

Shelf life: 90 days

Package: 30 L kegs (PET)