Beer "Yeletskoe "Black Ale"

Пивоваренный завод «Панкрат»

Combination with food: smoked meats, bacon, seafood, grilled meat.

Ingredients: drinking water, light malted barley malt, white sugar, caramel malted barley malt, burnt malted barley malt, food coloring — caramel color, raw pine cone hops, granulated hops, beer yeast.

"Black Ale" is a source of real pleasure that awakens all your senses. Every sip of this beer immerses you in a real paradise for your taste buds. The interweaving of three malts of our own production: light, caramel and burnt creates the perfect combination that makes you come back to our beer again and again. They are the ones that give the beer a caramel-sweet taste. And due to carefully selected yeast strains, we get a light fruity note in the taste. But the beauty of this beer is not limited to taste alone. The bitter aftertaste gives this beer a special depth, character and adds a touch of sophistication. But the main feature of this beer is a live hop cone, which gives the beer a unique and spicy note.

EBC: 47-55 EBC

Aroma: pronounced malt flavor

Taste: caramel sweet

Package: jar 3 L and 650 ml

Calorific value (per 100 g): 46 kcal

Shelf life: 60 days

OG (original gravity), %: 12

ABV (% alc.): 4,1

IBU: low

Mouthfeel: saturated