Beer «Yeletsky Craft»

Brewery "Pankrat"

Combination with food: smoked, fried or canned meat, fish, pizza.

Ingredients: drinking water, light barley malt, caramel barley malt, hops, raw pineal hops, yeast.

The taste is soft, rounded, bready, the finish is dry and clean. The hop aroma is pronounced intensely. When mashing, a 2-decoction mashing method is used, which affects the strong "maltiness". The color is amber, but not very dark, which is created by adding dark malt to the last moment of mashing in the decoction. It forms a dense creamy foam in the glass. The production uses malt of its own production, hops grown on its own plantations. The unique delicate taste of beer is given by dark caramel malts, which are produced in malt houses specially designed and installed by our engineering group.

EBC: 28-30

Aroma: hop

Taste: pronounced hop

Package: jar 3 L and 650 ml

Calorific value (per 100 g): 54 kcal

Shelf life: 60 days

OG (original gravity), %: 14

ABV (% alc.): 4,8

IBU: upper-middle

Mouthfeel: medium-saturated