Beer "Yachmennyi Kolos"

Brewery "Pankrat"
Combination with food: seafood, chicken, pork, cheese.
Ingredients: drinking water, light barley malt, hops, yeast.

A light light lager prepared by infusion mashing method. Beer is fermented in open-type vats, which contributes to the formation of a large number of volatile compounds and has a positive effect on the aroma of beer. The drink has a high, dense, white foam. It perfectly quenches thirst due to its pleasant light taste. "Yachmennyi Kolos" beer is the lightest variety of our barley beer.

EBC: 16-18 EBC

Aroma: fruity

Taste: soft hop

Package: kegs

Calorific value (per 100 g): 46 kcal

Shelf life: 30 days

OG (original gravity), %: 12

ABV (% alc.): 4,5

IBU: low

Mouthfeel: light