Beer "Yeletskoe Bochkovoe"

Brewery "Pankrat"
Combination with food: garlic croutons, vegetable salads with spices, seafood, cheese.
Ingredients: drinking water, light barley malt, hops, yeast.

Low-fermentation beer is prepared according to the traditional tabletop method with the use of bittersweet hops. On our own plantations, using a special technology, we grow every hop vine with love. "Yeletskoye Bochkovoe" beer is brewed according to a specially developed prescription filling consisting of exclusive light barley malts, which requires special attention and control of the brewer. Fermentation takes place in special horizontal stainless steel barrels, which gives each batch of beer a unique taste and aroma. And thanks to specially selected hop varieties, the beer acquires a light floral aroma and a subtle pleasant bitterness. The taste of beer will be appreciated by the most discerning fans of a foamy drink.

EBC: 16-18 EBC

Aroma: floral fragrance

Taste: light malt

Package: kegs

Calorific value (per 100 g): 46 kcal

Shelf life: 30 days

OG (original gravity), %: 12

ABV (% alc.): 4,5

IBU: medium

Mouthfeel: medium