Beer "Zhigulevskoe"

Brewery "Pankrat"
Combination with food: steamed smoked fish, seafood, stewed lamb, chicken, veal, steaks, salted cheeses.
Ingredients: drinking water, light malted barley malt, malted barley, white sugar, granulated hops, brewer’s yeast.

Initially, the term "Zhigulevskoe" beer was used to refer not to a specific variety, but to all products of the Zhiguli Brewery in Samara, founded by an Austrian entrepreneur in 1881. The legendary drink itself in those days was called "Viennese beer." At the end of the 19th century, no one expected that a few decades later, this variety would account for 80% of the total production of foam drinks in the USSR.
Our version of "Zhigulevskoe" is brewed according to the classical technology of this beer with the preservation of the USSR-era recipe, which includes malt and barley.


Aroma: saturated hop malt

Taste: a pleasant hop bitterness

OG (original gravity), %: 11

ABV (% alc.): 4,0

IBU: medium

Mouthfeel: saturated

Calorific value (per 100 g): 42 kcal

Package: kegs

Shelf life: 30 days